I'll be speaking at Fullstack Con in London!

This summer, I’ll be traveling to London to speak at the Fullstack Con 2016, an amazing event about the funkiest side of the Web: Javascript, Node.js and all the revolutions they bring in.


I’m very excited to be part of it: all the talks have such a futuristic fingerprint and, honestly, the stakes are super high.
We’ll have the pleasure to meet a world-class star like Yehuda Katz for the Day 1 keynote (I’m still looking for my jaws on the floor) and the other speakers won’t be less relevant: we’ll be hearing talks about the future of Javascript, Data Science, React and Redux, Web VR, Serverless architectures, Progressive Web Apps, Functional Programming and much more!

I’ll be talking about Kuzzle.io and the way it solves the problems of Backends As A Service without losing their benefits, speeding up the kick-start of your projects and letting your focus on your UX (basically, how it makes your life really beautiful) :)

I have no doubt: the future is here, come meet it in London on July 14th, we’ll be glad to shake hands.

Luca Marchesini

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