IoT for Smart Logistics & Construction: accelerate on-site geolocation service through asset tracking

Omniscient, a spin-off of Bouygues Construction Group, allows on-site teams to have access to anonymized key data, accessible in real-time from the platform and application through connected chips installed on the teams equipment or gears. Currently set on two construction sites, both in Paris France (8-floor office building) and Singapore (51-floor building).



Connect and manage existing devices with Kuzzle

With a few clicks, teams can access real-time information on resources: tools, equipments, construction materials and shall:


  • locate their equipment wherever it is
  • access to an inventory of all assets
  • measure their utilization rate
  • control the proper delivery of equipment

geolocalisation-sur-chantiers-omniscient-appuie-sur-kuzzle_620x350 (1)Omniscient is also able to measure the number of staff required to complete a construction phase, identify logistics bottlenecks, or time lost moving across the building. Depending on the site configuration, vertical people movements can represent up to 20% of total working time.


Data from connected objects provides real-time information that was previously missing in order to improve production processes, site management and, more broadly, management control.

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Speed, efficiency, scalability and flexibility: a fourfold guarantee

The advantages in terms of development speed are obvious for Nicolas Lemaire, “Dedicated to IoT, the Kuzzle backend embeds advanced technological features such as geofencing, which allows us to transform the collected data into useful and actionable data for site teams. The MVP solution carried out this summer showed Bouygues Construction teams that we could integrate different geolocation solutions, display them on a map and use real-time data in just one week!"



Kuzzle IoT will be able to scale of the connected Omniscient sites. Thus, regardless of the number of parallel active worksites around the world, the same Kuzzle will be deployed.


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About Omniscient

LOGOMNISCIENT_HD_INCUBENicolas Lemaire and Antonio Caselles, who emerged from Bouygues Construction's intrapreneurship program, have developed a service solution based on asset management for the construction industry. Built around an application, the solution connects IoT sensors of various technologies in order to restore geolocation, inventory and monitored resources alerts.
Beyond that, the data collected allows the implementation of a range of productivity indicators. As a genuine management tool, Omniscient provides its services to building sites, public works, equipment fleet management and site logistics.

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