Kuzzle is now officially on Discord

Starting 20 April 2020, Discord becomes our official community discussion platform! 🎉

Kuzzle's Gitter chat will no longer continue to exist and all official announcements

will take place on the brand new Kuzzle's Discord server.

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We made a first observation about the use of our Gitter chat: you can easily get lost in the answers of different people on different topics that get tangled up. 

Then we looked for the best solution.

The other problem is that in some cases voice chat can solve a problem much faster than the written form, a feature that Gitter lacks and that we detected as a pain point in our community.

We know that some of you are attached to using Gitter, but we believe that the move to an application that is easier to use and has more features, will be very beneficial in the long run.

Join us on Discord

Discord: ease of use and easy access

Discord-Logo+Wordmark-ColorSeveral reasons have led us to open our Internal Discord to the community. It's still a young service, but it already offers robust and really interesting features:


  • Create channels by topic of conversation...
  • Create a real community (with moderators, groups...)
  • Join the Discord community via desktop or mobile platforms (iOS or Google Play app).


Discord is an online discussion service that has been specially designed for large communities and that allows written and vocal exchanges.

It was originally created for the gaming community, but today everyone uses it!

It includes an unlimited number of users, unlimited file uploads (with a size limit per file), unlimited message history, spam moderation and filtering features.

Last but not least, you can join the conversation without having to create a Discord account. Just choose a nickname and you are good to go.


Overview of our Discord

You will find different chat rooms to chat with us & each other:

  • #general: for all your questions and welcome messages
  • #admin-console, #sdk, #core, #plugins #stackoverflow: to exchange on all these Kuzzle specific topics
  • #guides to exchange any resource to help in the handling of Kuzzle
  • #random: do we have to introduce him? :)
  • #suggestions: for all your good ideas.


To this first list, we can add the channel #announcements : the official team announcements.



As needed we will deploy a bot to improve the experience.

Feel free to use the voice chat feature to make your community experience even more fun > See you there? 🍻

Join us on DiscordWe will keep Gitter for now to ensure a smooth migration, but all members of the Kuzzle team will move to Discord on 20 April 2020.

We can't wait to welcome all of you into our new community, watch out for the fresh paint!


Sophie Imbach

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