Getting started with Kuzzle IoT: Train with kuzzle creators!

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Hello everyone!


Since early 2019, we received more and more training requests from our community to start, understand and master Kuzzle IoT in a few days.


So we decided to gather and explain in 3 days the core notions to master Kuzzle IoT. At the end of the training, you will be able to connect and control your first devices with Kuzzle IoT and use its power to reduce your development times.


What do you think of getting trained by the creators of your favorite  IoT backend ?

Train with Kuzzle creators !


Detailed training: "getting started with Kuzzle IoT"

Goal : Understand how Kuzzle IoT works and connect your first devices

Skills to acquire : 
- Knowledge on back-end components and scope

- Knowledge on interactions and IoT VS backend development components

- Getting started with Kuzzle IoT Backend, SDKs and Admin Console


Skills and expertise prerequisites

- Basic knowledge of NoSql database concepts

- Basic knowledge of Docker and Docker Compose

- Basic knowledge of web communication protocols (WebSocket and HTTP)

- Basic Knowledge of Javascript.


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Doesn't the program seem appropriate to you? We organize tailor-made training sessions, do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

Our training courses are Datadock referenced and can therefore continue to be financed by OPCAs


What is Kuzzle IoT ?

Kuzzle is an Open Source On-Premise and Multi-Cloud backend which accelerates IoT applications development. The platform integrates advanced features such as security and authentication, real-time data and API management, geolocation or geo-fencing. Learn more


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Tiphaine Roze

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