Koding challenge 2016: only a few days to develop innovative projects

This year, Kuzzle has taken part in the first in-house competition of innovative projects within Kaliop Group: the Koding Challenge. It was meant to test Kuzzle’s Beta version in the real world and to train developers to its use. A really interesting experience crowned with success.

For the first time, Kuzzle has been used in an in-house challenge within Kaliop Group

 The aim was plain: to build the most innovative application in record time! Several teams thus set up in project mode, gathering diverse profiles; designers, developers, marketing managers, front-end…

As Kuzzle’s development team, we have done an evangelization job to explain Kuzzle, its concepts, the new technologies it uses, what it can do. We set up technical workshops and product presentations. Technical profiles could train themselves with our tutorial: “Building a Slack clone in 2 hours”.


In fact, Kuzzle is limitless, the backend is already built and is available. You just need to take care of the remainder. It saves me a considerable amount of time as I’m in charge of the technical development of our application based on geolocation and real time.
Antonin, developer at Kaliop

Solutions really easy to develop 

This challenge has enabled us to validate the fact that our solution really makes easier the development of modern and innovative applications using complex features such as real time, notifications, geolocation, etc, until then impossible to develop in just a few days!
On this particular point the challenge has been a real success -as in most participants’ opinion- Kuzzle has never been an obstacle.
On the contrary its ease of use has enabled challengers to focus on UX subjects, on the design and business of their applications.
To know more about the event, you can visit the website, Kaliop’s blog and find all the information about this memorable event for Kaliop team.




Kuzzle Team

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