Celebrating the first 1000 stars on GitHub ⭐️

We have just reached the 1000th star milestone on GitHub, and it is the perfect opportunity to thank you for your support! 💪


We will use this milestone to recap Kuzzle’s growth and other important milestones since it began as an experimental project in 2015...


Still haven't try Kuzzle? What are you waiting for! 


Even though tracking the success of an open-source project is known to be a hard problem, we have a few metrics available to us :



Greatest moments timeline:

  • April 2015 : First Commit
  • November 2015 : First SDK released (Javascript)
  • August 2016 : First Contributor
  • July 2017 : Kuzzle 1.0.0 released
  • September 2017 : Kuzzle's real-time engine as a standalone NPM package (Koncorde)
  • November 2019 : Kuzzle 2.0.0 released
  • December 2020 : Kuzzle as a Framework
  • March 2021 : First 1000 stars in the Kuzzle repository on Github

    ...95k lines of code written, 15k liters of coffee consumed, and we lost track of the number of beers we drank :)

Thank you to everyone in the community

Thank you to our entire Kuzzle developer community for helping us reach this amazing milestone! To all of those who have helped the project reach this stage of its evolution. Thank you to all of you who continue to help us as we move the project forward and as we look to build our community further.

We want to thank our community for being part of the Kuzzle adventure, with a special mention for some contributors such as Pierre Minik, Prinjidal, Manubaun, Sacha, TitanKing, Gabriel Pulido and Nelands.

It is good to know that there is a group of early adopters who like what we are doing at Kuzzle.

As our startup grows, we will stay committed to the open-source community and ensure the highest level of quality and transparency.

With that in mind, we look forward to all contributions to our project. 

If you have any questions, we have a Discord server to chat with you

We count on you to keep making our Github stars rising... So help us reach 10,000 stars next!


Sophie Imbach

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