Kuzzle Release 2.13.0: What’s New?

Kuzzle is constantly evolving and it’s been a long time since we didn’t upgrade our services. So it’s now time to evolve them too.

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Elasticsearch 7.13.1 Support

Kuzzle now supports the latest version of Elasticsearch 7.13.1.

Since Elasticsearch 7.4.2 a lot has changed, this upgrade to 7.13.1 comes with many optimizations to reduce  space usage and increase speed. 


  • Indexing is now up to 20% faster than before.
  • Increased space efficiency due to higher compression.
  • Faster term aggregation under some circumstances.
  • And many more new features.

Node.js 14 Support

Kuzzle now supports the latest version of Node 14.17.0.


Node.js 14 comes with a new version of the V8 Engine featuring:

  • Null Coalescing operator
  • Optional Chaining 
  • Some speed improvements.

Along as a new class AsyncLocalStorage used to share data between asynchronous calls. And many more new features and enhancements.

Redis 6 Support

   Kuzzle now supports the latest version of Redis 6.2.4.

Redis 6 comes with a performance boost acquired by multithreading the socket I/O and devoting a single core to manipulating, storing and retrieving the data.

Kuzzle Core Features

Some new features, enhancements and optimizations are making their way into Kuzzle 2.13.0.

New Features



  • Remove the _kuzzle_keep collection from non-empty indexes to reduce shards number.

Missed one of our previous releases ? 

You can still check them out on our github at https://github.com/kuzzleio/kuzzle/releases.

Join the community

Kuzzle is constantly evolving and so is our community, so, come and join us on Discord at http://join.discord.kuzzle.io.


Also, we are open-source, so feel free to contribute ;) 



If you have any questions about Kuzzle, you can ask the core-team on Stackoverflow or again  you can come and discuss it with the community on Discord: http://join.discord.kuzzle.io.

Yannick Combes

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