Kuzzle Winter Release 2022

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Backend, Admin Console, or Kourou, our team has prepared some nice advances to facilitate your use of Kuzzle

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Backend Open Source

Kuzzle Backend

2 new API actions:


  • server:metrics: get metrics for monitoring your Kuzzle cluster
  • admin:refreshIndexCache: use hot new collections created directly from Elasticsearch

The OpenAPI specification for API actions is now usable in applications and plugins. The definition is done at the time of the declaration of HTTP routes by the framework.
Read the documentation

It is now possible to import collections, rights, and default users when starting Kuzzle.
Read the documentation


Kuzzle Device Manager

Kuzzle Device Manager


Our Device Manager is available to manage the entire lifecycle of connected devices with real-time, end-to-end visibility:


  • Device Management: Payload decoding, Time series logging, Automatic provisioning/registration, Metadata management, Repository, Multi-tenant management
  • Asset Management: CRUD / Import, metadata management, creation of a repository, association with equipment, multi-tenant management

Read the documentation 


Kuzzle Admin Console

Kuzzle Admin Console


It is your favorite interface for managing data, users, and their rights, all through multi-protocol APIs.


Real-Time Mode

The real-time mode has been enabled on the List and Column views.
Adding, editing, and deleting documents now appear in real-time.

See the video



Kuzzle SDK


Kuzzle JavaScriptObserver: The Javascript SDK has a new Observer class to facilitate real-time document manipulation with support for WebSocket and HTTP protocols.
Improved resilience to connection loss with support for re-authentication if necessary.
Read the documentation


Kuzzle Dart


Dart SDK 3.0.0 released, including Null Safety compatibility: read more




CLI Kourou 

Kuzzle Kourou


Kourou is our command-line interface to manage your Kuzzle developed in Typescript.
New: Possibility to export the documents of a collection in CSV format: read more

Log4j vulnerabilities

This winter, 3 vulnerabilities were detected in a popular software library in the Java ecosystem, Log4J:


  • CVE-2021-44228:Our official Elasticsearch image for Kuzzle (kuzzleio/elasticsearch:7) was not impacted by this flaw because it used a recent version of Java virtual machine.
  • CVE-2021-45046:Our official Elasticsearch image was vulnerable to this flaw. Our teams took steps to create and distribute patched images within a day.
  • CVE-2021-45105:The Elasticsearch team assures that their product is not vulnerable to this latest flaw.

We are paying close attention to the follow-up to these findings and what this means for our users.


  • Kuzzle was vulnerable through Elasticsearch only to the second flaw (CVE-2021-45046)
  • The official kuzzleio/elasticsearch:7 image needs to be updated
  • Or use a patched version of the log4j library

Supervision and metrology with Prometheus

Kuzzle PrometheusOur extension facilitates the monitoring of Kubernetes clusters, Docker Swarm, or public clouds. The Prometheus solution.
collects metrics from any type of service or device

With the new server: metrics API action, we have redesigned this extension. It now leverages metrics from the Kuzzle core to format and expose them in a quickly usable format.

This new major version of the plugin also brings a lot of new features:

  • New metrics
  • Simplified configuration but giving more control
  • New example dashboards
  • New documentation

Kuzzle Prometheus Kuzzle Prometheus


This redesign paves the way for the creation of new extensions compatible with other metrology platforms. Feel free to create your own and share it with the community :)

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