Meet us at Smart Industries 2018

Post Hubspot Event_ Smart-Industries-2018.pngCome meet us at the Smart Industries 2018 in Paris the 27th of March! We will be joining our partner IFM at stand 4S41 in Hall 4 at the Parc des Expositions in Villepinte.

We’ll be showcasing our pallet tracking application which uses Kuzzle, our innovative backend solution, to interface with controllers, antennas and IFM RFID tags.

Build next generation industrial applications

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 Our partnership with IFM allowed us to demonstrate our expertise in building complex solutions for logistics and smart factories.



Discover Kuzzle

A complete solution for preventing pallet loss

Our client wanted to know a pallet’s precise last known location in order to reduce pallet loss.

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We designed a solution that can be used on delivery trucks to accurately track pallets and integrate with Kuzzle to provide a visual dashboard used to monitor pallet loss.

Each pallet is equipped with an RFID tag and we use a Dell Edge Gateway fitted with an RFID antenna and GPS to capture and store pallet positions as well as the delivery truck location.


When the delivery truck reaches a warehouse, the pallet data is synchronized with Kuzzle and the last known location for each pallet is updated in the system.

The data is used to generate a dashboard that traces the status of each pallet at each unloading site and is used to determine exactly where a pallet went missing.

Learn more about IFM and their presence at Smart Industries 2018.


Kuzzle Team

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