Release Kuzzle version 1.4

Hello everyone! 

At Kuzzle we work hard every day to bring as many new features as possible to our Backend.

Today we are pleased to release Kuzzle version 1.4. which is a minor release with a lot of new features.



A new controller has been added to Kuzzle, the AdminController.
The AdminController allows you to perform maintenance tasks on your Kuzzle instance such as generating a dump, clearing the cache, deleting all indexes, resetting users and rights to zero.  
It offers features similar to those of the CLI but exposing them via the API so be careful not to allow this controller to everyone! 

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The CLI has been redesigned to use the new AdminController, it is now possible to use it from your computer to directly administrate your remote Kuzzle:


# Reset all rights and users to default
./bin/kuzzle -p 7512 -h -U admin -P kuzzle_password resetSecurity


The redesign of the CLI made the InternalBroker disappear. It was the service listening to the CLI's instructions.
You can delete the description of the internalBroker service in your .kuzzlerc configuration file.

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Node 8

Kuzzle officially supports NodeJS version 8 LTS.
NodeJS version 6 support in Kuzzle will end in April 2019 as the NodeJS 6 LTS support.
Contributors to Kuzzle Core can now use Node.js 8 with the kuzzleio/core-dev container.

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Authentication Strategies

It is now possible to hot-add authentication strategies in cluster mode on the fly.
Previously this feature was only available in single node mode.
How to add new authentication strategies:

Related PRs: kuzzleio/kuzzle#1145

Bug fixes

Wrap thing up

I would like to thank all the Kuzzle team who made it possible to release this new version of our backend.
Feel free to contact us on Gitter or by email if you have technical questions about Kuzzle.

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Adrien Maret

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