Kuzzle's 2023 year in review

2023 has been an important year in the evolution of Kuzzle. Thanks to Team Kuzzle, our partners, customers, and community for their unwavering support : ) 

In 2023, we reached new heights by integrating a new Data Science offering into our IoT platform. This major step forward symbolizes our collective success, opening up new perspectives for our customers and partners.
We are proud of our growing recognition as a major IoT player. These successes reflect our passion for innovation and our ongoing commitment to an enhanced user experience. Let's celebrate these successes together as we prepare for the new technological advances to come: )


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Our product evolutions in 2023

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Kuzzle IoT: key new features for 2023

New features have been developed for our IoT Platform to offer you even more performance: 


  • User rights and authentication: define groups of users and manage their access according to their rights.
    • User management: thanks to the greater granularity of user rights, you can separate the rights linked to different types of users: manage and consult Devices (sensors), manage and consult Assets (assets), build and consult reports, etc.
    • Soft-tenant management: Kuzzle IoT soft tenants partition data by the organization. The Soft-Tenant adds a layer to partition access to sensors and assets and their data. Get reports by sub-organisation, or department, within an organisation.
    • Single sign-on: Kuzzle IoT now integrates with your user manager to delegate the management of user accounts thanks to single sign-on authentication.
  • Equipment and sensor management: For our customers who manage large fleets of sensors and assets, we have simplified their batch management for commissioning with new functionalities:
    • Batch reassignment of assets and sensors to facilitate migration between different organizations.
    • Batch import of assets to add a large number of sensors and assets to the IoT platform, making it easier to synchronize equipment repositories.
    • Asset group management for consulting, configuring and controlling connected devices in batches.
    • LoRa network core: Kuzzle IoT natively provides a LoRa network core to facilitate the deployment of your private LoRa network.
  • Reports and dashboards: Use our IoT platform to create your real-time reports and dashboards to monitor key indicators for your asset base:
    • Export and send reports: Edit and email your reports in PDF format on a regular, customized basis (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).  
    • Export of asset and sensor measurements: Easily integrate data from Kuzzle IoT into your operating reports in spreadsheet format (Excel, Google Sheets, etc.).

Kuzzle Data Science

To take data analysis, anomaly detection, and the use of our IoT platform even further, we have developed a new product, Kuzzle Data Science


  • Anticipate trends: With Kuzzle AIoT's predictive AI, transform your raw data into enriched data to reveal future trends and identify new opportunities.
  • Go from real-time to prediction: With Kuzzle AIoT's predictive AI, go from real-time to instant prediction, 
    go from real-time to prediction instantly! Explore different scenarios and make strategic decisions.
  • Generate content on demand: With Kuzzle AIoT's generative AI, get your business dashboards from a simple sentence. Automate your operational tasks to save time and resources.
  • Predictive maintenance: With Kuzzle AIoT prediction, anticipate the failures of your connected equipment by analyzing their operating data in real time. Identify future behaviors and trigger alerts in anticipation of a guarantee 
    optimal use of your devices.
  • Application generation: Create your IoT and Data applications in record time with Kuzzle AIoT's generative AI! Automatically generate your business software from your custom text requests. Eliminate code barriers and save time!

With our dynamic artificial intelligence that adapts to incoming data, Kuzzle AIoT enriches the real-time experience with prediction. Benefit from early warnings, advanced analysis, and content generated on demand. Our intelligent algorithms offer instant reactivity for informed strategic decisions.

Kuzzle Backend IoT Open Source 

Our Open Source IoT Backend has also undergone some exciting developments over the year, with : 

  • Kuzzle Backend to a cluster architecture that supports scalability and service redundancy for high availability.  
    We have continued to improve our cluster management to enhance performance, with an overhaul of event propagation between nodes, and improved cluster resilience when new nodes are hot-started on 'slow' networks.
  • Kuzzle Backend can now accept non-JSon content in API calls via REST HTTP
  • Improved integration with Kubernetes container orchestrators with the addition of a specific API route for monitoring the successful start-up of a node. 

We have developed our platform in collaboration with our customers to better meet their needs.


Key meetings and events in 2023



We were delighted to meet you all across France, in Paris, Montpellier, Lyon, Toulon and Saint-Malo. 
Thank you all for coming in ever greater numbers to meet us. We look forward to seeing you in 2024 : )


Our trade shows

Our team was there to meet you this year: 

  • SIDO Lyon: we gave you a sneak preview of our brand-new Data Science offering applied to the IoT. Thank you for coming in such large numbers to find out more!
  • Top Logistics Europe in Saint-Malo: we presented our latest use cases dedicated to Smart Logistics: asset tracking, real-time geolocation, and geofencing, last-mile optimization, etc.
  • CityLab in Toulon: we took part in this local trade show for the first time, presenting our IoT offering for the Smart City and a host of use cases, including water, waste, and electricity management.


Our conferences

We were delighted to take part in several key events:

  • SIDO Lyon: our first appearance as a speaker at a show we've been exhibiting at for 7 years. On the program: two conferences with our customers:
    • A round table on the theme of Digital Twinning and Logistics with SNCF
    • A feedback session with La Poste on Logistics and Traceability. Thanks to Alice Richard-Bréauté and Jean-Paul Fabre.
  • Innopolis with the FNCCR: in the presence of our customers, the FNCCR, and the SDEF, we took part in an enriching conference on: "Connected and sustainable territories: how to create connected public digital services and sustainable territorial development". Thanks again to the FNCCR for their invitation!  
  • SOC exhibition in Paris: for this first edition of the new format of this historic exhibition (IoT World), we co-hosted a conference on the theme of the Sovereign Cloud.  It was an opportunity to highlight Kuzzle PaaS, our cloud-based IoT platform whose data is hosted in France.
  • Cap'tronic: we were lucky enough to be invited to speak at their annual event dedicated to industrial IoT. Thanks to them for thinking of Kuzzle!
  • French Tech Méditerranée: we took part in the latest Meet Think and Act event organized by the incubator as a speaker, along with our client La Poste, to share our feedback on our joint project. 

Our feedback enriches our thinking about the IoT needs of businesses so that we can better support them as they evolve.


Our webinar
It's impossible to round off this year's events without focusing on our webinar "IoT and Big Data: how to Design a Scalable and Upgradeable Architecture", organized with our partner Kaliop. Many of you followed the webinar! You can watch the replay of this webinar on our website.

Special thanks to our customers La Poste and Geodis for coming to meet our teams in Montpellier. We're always delighted to welcome you!


The Kuzzle team behind the scene

VISUEL event interne


In 2023, the team got together for several events combining workshops and more convivial moments, which were particularly appreciated by the Kuzzle Team!
You could choose between a meeting by the pool to discuss the development of our solutions, an after-work on the Rooftop to imagine the future of Kuzzle, or a Quiz and Blind Test to reveal our team spirit. 
It's good to be at Kuzzle : )  
Thank you to the whole team for a fabulous year!


Kuzzle Team wishes you all the very best for the new year!

2023 has been an exceptional year for Kuzzle, marked by major advances in our IoT platform, which now includes Data Science. 
The year ahead promises to push back the boundaries of technology, particularly in the area of Data Science where Kuzzle will continue to evolve to meet the needs of our customers and partners. 
Our commitment to innovation is strong and we intend to go even further in 2024! We are excited to share these developments with you. 🚀


Best wishes from all of us,
The Kuzzle team


Alicia Thermos

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