Meet us at SIDO Lyon 2023

On September 20&21 2023, Kuzzle will be at SIDO Lyon, Palais des Congrès of the Cité Internationale to present Kuzzle IoT, our Open Source IoT& Data Platform that integrates advanced artificial intelligence functionalities to anticipate decision-making.


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Come and meet us at booth W10

NicolasJacques et Alicia will be delighted to welcome you to our booth W10 for live demos of our Open Source IoT platform and will present its business innovations: Dashboard Builder, Device Manager, Multi-Tenant, Admin Console...


 Kuzzle IoT is a new generation of IoT&Data platform to accelerate the deployment of your IoT applications. Kuzzle IoT quickly makes your city, industry, building, or supply chain smartthanks to its ready-to-use features.  


The Kuzzle team will present the turnkey features of Kuzzle IoT and its use cases:


Can't make it to our booth? Schedule a meeting with our team to discuss your IoT project :




Our conferences are not to be missed  

Jacques Le Conte, CEO of Kuzzle, will be giving several talks throughout the event and sharing his vision of the IoT on Thursday 21 September 2023


at 1 pm in the West Room
Digital twins and logistics: optimization and monitoring
The digital twin in logistics presents significant challenges: optimizing operations, managing the supply chain in real-time, forecasting demand, predictive maintenance, collaboration, and decision-making, and reducing costs and risks. It enables flows to be optimized, requirements to be forecasted, problems to be detected, proactive maintenance to be carried out, and collaboration between all the players to be facilitated. It thus contributes to more efficient, responsive, and profitable logistics.


2pm in the Auditorium: 
Logistics and traceability: what technologique solutions for what needs?
Product traceability is a key element in supply chain management. It enables products to be tracked at every stage of their journey, from manufacture to delivery, via transport and storage. Modern logistics uses a variety of technologies to ensure accurate traceability. This round table will give you a clearer picture of how to implement a complete supply chain management solution, using the most advanced technologies to guarantee complete traceability of your products. Using examples, we will discuss how to track your products in real time, for optimum traceability.


Reduce by 70% the time to market your IoT applications

Kuzzle publishes Kuzzle IoT, an On-Premise and Multi-Cloud Open Source IoT platform that boosts the development and deployment of your IoT applications.
Kuzzle IoT provides an integrated device manager, a real-time business rules engine, an alert workflow management system, and out-of-the-box dashboards and analytics to cover large use cases.
Ready-to-use Kuzzle features will reduce your Smart Logistics IoT project budget and development time up to 70% whilst increasing the return on investment for your IoT innovations.




SIDO Lyon: Europe's leading IoT, AI, and Robotics event

Experience innovation differently! SIDO is strengthening its leadership in Europe on the convergence of IoT, AI, Robotics, and XR technologies! Breaking down the barriers between these technological spheres, SIDO brings together ecosystems, sparks innovation, and supports companies in making their increasingly intelligent connected, and autonomous projects a reality.
Take part in Europe’s largest B2B showroom for strategic decision-makers in innovation and business operations. A brand-new response to the unprecedented technological and organizational challenges that all industrial and service companies are facing.


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