Come and Meet us at IoT World 2020

On 23-24 September, the 5th edition of IoT World will take place in Paris, Porte de Versailles. We will showcase our latest IoT solutions and would love to see you there! 

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Meet the team at booth A9 

The Kuzzle Team will present our next-generation backend platform for the Internet of Things, and will introduce our latest use cases:

Come meet the team to understand how Kuzzle enables faster IoT project development of smart asset tracking and smart cities for our strategic clients.


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If you can't make it, no worries, you can always contact us to schedule an individual session to discuss your IoT challenges: schedule an individual session.


Don’t miss our conferences 

23 september 11:30 > Develop in 8 weeks an IoT application for real-time supervision and monitoring of 3G/4G telecom network poles.
Speaker: Roger Belval, CEO TELCOMAT and Jacques Le Conte CEO KUZZLE > register

23 september 15:00 > Asset Tracking System, from tracking assets to invoicing, and including predictive maintenance: is anything possible?
Speakers: Nicolas Lemaire, CEO OMNISCIENT Groupe Bouygues  and Jacques Le Conte CEO KUZZLE > register

24 september 10:00 > With hundreds of choices, how can you pick an IoT platform?
Speaker: Jacques Le Conte CEO KUZZLE > register

24 september 15:00 > 5 golden rules to maximizing the impact of your IoT Proof of Concept
Speaker: Jacques Le Conte CEO KUZZLE > register

Innovate and reduce the time to market of your IoT applications by 40%

Kuzzle is an open-source backend that includes a highly scalable server, a multi-protocol API, an administration console and a set of plugins that provide advanced functionalities like real-time pub/sub, blazing fast search and geofencing.


It also contains an administrative console, a real-time notification system, real-time geofencing features, and a blazing fast search engine.


Reduce your time-to-market for your IoT apps and focus on what matters the most: the digital customer experience.


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IoT World: the event for connected objects and connected systems

Experts and professionals are the prime targets of the IoT World. At this event, it is not a question of presenting the latest connected watch, but of discovering and promoting opportunities around key players and proven and innovative solutions.


For this, the IoT World event organizes at the same time and on the same platform the MtoM & Connected Objects exhibition. In 2018, both events brought together more than 7,200 visitors. They were able to explore the entire IoT value chain.


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