2015: Kuzzle in retrospect

2015 has been a highly eventful year for Kuzzle and 2016 promises to be even more exciting! In this article, you can (re)discover the most important events of Kuzzle back in 2015. We also introduce our next steps for 2016.


Overview 2015: the beginning of Kuzzle back-end

We are proud of this amazing year, the project has made great progress thanks to a wonderful team! Here is a selection from important events of Kuzzle in 2015.



We plan many new features for Kuzzle this year

Demos and Tutorials:

  • Learn how to use Kuzzle
  • Examples of practical application

Beta version: 

  • Authentication & user management
  • Protocol plugin
  • Bulk import/export


  • Realtime & persistent data management
  • User rights management
  • Plugin management

1.0 version:

  • iOS SDK
  • Monitoring API
  • Data validation


Kuzzle Team

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