Kuzzle Winter Release 2020


Good morning, everyone!

Several months have passed since our last article about releases. At the same time the end of 2019 was quite intense with several new IoT projects and of course the release of Kuzzle v2!



Kuzzle 2.1


Barely 2 months after the release of Kuzzle v2, here is our first minor release : Kuzzle 2.1.0

New API methods

We have enriched our API with new methods:


Do not hesitate to consult the associated documentation for more details.

Query limitation system

It is now possible to limit the number of requests per second made on the Kuzzle API by each user.

This limitation is configured at the profile level.

Limiting Denial of Service attacks

We have strengthened our denial of service attack prevention system by incorporating a maximum number of pipes that can be run in parallel.


This limit can be changed under the plugins.maxConcurrentPipes configuration key.


The document:mGet method is now available with the verb GET to allow caching of the response by the browser.


The server:healthCheck route used for monitoring can now return the status of each service independently.

Presentation of the new CLI: kourou

We have begun work on our new version of the CLI, which we named kourou in honour of the Ariane rocket launch pad in French Guiana.


This one is only in beta version for the moment but we regularly add new methods to release version 1 very soon.


This CLI is developed with oclif, the Node.js CLI framework created by Heroku.


For the moment the CLI allows for example to manage its API keys or the Vault.


To test it first, you can install it via NPM: npm install -g kourou


News about our SDKs

SDK Javascript 7.1

This release contains the new methods to manage API keys. You can find these methods in the security and auth controllers.


The complete list of changes is available on Github: https://github.com/kuzzleio/sdk-javascript/releases.

Java 3 SDK

As you may know, we are in the process of completely redesigning the Java SDK to make it more intuitive to use and especially to be able to use it with Kuzzle v2.


This SDK is completely asynchronous and the beta version can already be used by calling API routes directly with the query method.


Our developments are in progress on the 3-dev branch, if you want to test the SDK in preview, you can get it :-)

The Admin Console gets a new look

We have been wanting to give our Admin Console a more modern and intuitive look for a long time.


We are in the process of completely redesigning the Admin Console based on the Bootstrap framework.


It's a very big project that will take us some time before the final version, in the meantime here are some screenshots ;-)







Kuzzle <3 React Native

A Getting Started Getting is now available for the React Native framework : https://docs.kuzzle.io/sdk/js/7/getting-started/react-native/


In this tutorial you will learn how to start a React Native project with Kuzzle and how to use the existing API to free up time and focus on developing a mobile application.


This tutorial is for everyone, even if you've never done React Native before, so it might be time to get started ;-)


Even if we have more and more customer projects, which is a good thing of course, we still invest a lot of time in our different products to offer you more and more functionalities ;-)


This growth leads us to look for more and more talented developers, and I would like to welcome Nicolas Riquelme as a backend developer within the team!


If you are looking for an interesting and challenging job within a motivated team, in a company offering many advantages, then feel free to contact us on job@kuzzle.io or to come and talk to us on the site chat or Discord ;-)


Adrien Maret

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