Kuzzle’s 2019 Year in Review

I would like to take some time to summarize what a fabulous year 2019 was for Kuzzle, to keep a trace in the team's history but also to take the opportunity to thank our collaborators, our customers, our partners and our contributors.

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With more than 3500 downloads this year (+40% higher than last year), we have been busy trying to provide you with the best support for a robust backend.

Before the yearly overview of the product itself, I would like to come back to some of the highlights of our communication in 2019.


This year highlights


ces-articleWe started the year 2019 in Las Vegas, to present our latest “smart building” use case, along with SNCF, at CES 2019.


Amongst the ten or so events, we can also remember: 


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IoT World Paris with the presentation of our “smart asset tracking / logistics” use case (Bouygues Construction).

The Local Mayors Exhibition, presenting 
our Smart city use case, with Telcomat

The Paris Open Source Summit
was the occasion to celebrate the v2 release.

The team participated in dozens of proof of concepts and projects (smart health, smart home, smart car, ...), and we kept a few surprises up our sleeves for 2020 ;)

2019 was also the year we released our training offer  to train with the creators of Kuzzle in 3 days.

Thanks to all our customers who participated in the first sessions, we were delighted!

The technical team has contributed to several meetups to meet our community in Montpellier or Paris: open source talk, Node.js, Javascript... and we already have plans for the year 2020 for coming and meeting you.

Two partnerships to expand our IoT offering

Actility_LOGO_green-redbaseline_RGB_WEB (1) sigfox-partner-network-fb
We have signed a partnership with Actility We have become a Sigfox partner


These two partnerships with major IoT players  allow us to offer our customers our Sigfox and Lora expertise.

Kuzzle press review

Finally, the year was marked by several press articles, for example: l’Usine Digitale, La Tribune, le Journal du Net, Programmez!, l’Embarqué, Le Mag IT, IoT Now, Batinfo and a flagship article on alternatives to Google gave us the opportunity to raise awareness.


Sharing knowledge and improving the Kuzzle backend catch in hand

During the year we continued sharing new tutorial videos such as:

The main videos are now grouped in two different sections to easily get started with Kuzzle:




In september we publish the public Kuzzle roadmap.


We also completely redesigned our documentation system: it now uses VuePress, and we brought it to the same standards of quality than other projets. Meaning that it is continuously integrated, with code examples automatically tested, and each project repository is responsible for its own documentation maintenance and deployment. And as always, it is entirely open source.


We have written dozens of articles, the most popular ones being:


You'll find everything in a flash on our awesome list, and the “kuzzle” tag on stackoverflow now includes all your main questions. 


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you:

The evolution of Kuzzle backend

Throughout the year we communicated about the new features of our product.

Here is an overview of the main 2019 features:

  • Kuzzle v2: support for the latest versions of Node.js, ElasticSearch and Redis
  • Lots of new features: API keys, a safe system for storing sensitive data in public repositories, standardized errors, the JS SDK available for plugin developers,...
  • Plugins for S3, Prometheus, Cloudinary, Vue.js
  • New SDKs like the C# SDK and other improvements (Go, JS, ...)

Special thanks

loveThis year 2019 was a turning point in the development of Kuzzle; we have collaborated with many new customers, and we would like to thank them all for trusting us.

It is also the time to thank Tiphaine, Nicolas, Thomaï, Thomas, Jérôme, Yannick  who accompanied us this year.

The whole team wishes you all the best for this new year!



Sophie Imbach

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